Ultimate Dating Secrets: Flirting

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Ultimate Dating Secrets: Flirting

Learn How To Flirt So That She Has To Work To Get You.

Truth in Advertising: Individual Results May Vary. These are Tips and Techniques on dating, not a magic pill. Even with this valuable information, you will have to make the effort. There is no guarantee that you will Get a Date with any particular woman. Different women are attracted to different types of men. None of My books and CD’s nor those of anybody are going to make you attractive to every woman. Good Luck!

How to flirt to make her work to get you.

Women like a challenge. Women for the most part don’t want a man who is easy to get. So, if you learn how to flirt and make her more interested in you, you have a better shot at getting her phone number, email address, or getting a date with her.

The trick is in how much you tease her while showing self confidence and being funny. Make her laugh. If you can make a woman laugh without being a clown, you have won have the battle of getting her to notice, like, desire, and date you.

But, you also have to show a sort of exclusivity. You see, women like a challenge and strangely enough tend to be more interested in guys who don’t show too much interest them.

How do you pull this off?

Think of it as getting her interested and flirting with her without consciously expecting anything in return. Look at it as a game. Try to make her laugh with a quirky or cool comment at first without over committing. If the jokes and comments keep coming and she laughs a lot, keep it up for a while. Then casually ask her what her name is or how she is doing? Something harmless and benign. This is just to get you one step closer to knowing her.

As the conversation progresses you can go from being serious (without being too serious) to being funny again.

This on and off approach will make you appear more interesting and mysterious.

She may never know why she suddenly became attracted to you unless you tell her……..But how can you get a woman to be instantly attracted to you?…….Here’s a hint…..words and the way you carry yourself are go a long way toward getting her attention and keeping it..

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